What Should I Look for in a Used RV

So, you’re ready to buy an RV, but you aren’t sure if you should buy new or used.

A new RV is lovely, with its new car smell, and shiny new finishes, but buying new is not always the best way to go.

Many RVers opt for a used RV because there are so many benefits when compared to buying new.  It often comes down to how much bang for your buck there is in a used RV.

You can get a lot more RV for your money when considering used instead of new.

Why You Should Consider Buying a Used RV

Buying a used RV is obviously the most budget-friendly way to get your family into a camper.  We’ve all heard it before; a new vehicle depreciates the moment it leaves the Dealer’s lot.

If you drove your RV off the lot and immediately sold it, there would be a significant difference between what you paid and how much you make when you sell it.

This is not the case if you buy used.  A used RV holds its value because it already depreciated in someone else’s hands.

The biggest benefit is that it has a proven track record. The previous owner has already worked out all the inconvenient kinks and broken it in for you.

One of the former owners may even have opted for upgrades when it was new. Bonus!

Benefits of a Used RV or Camper

Go ahead and spend the money you saved buying your used RV and go on more vacations or customize the interior to your taste.

If you bought a new house, you would probably change some of the finishes, so why not do the same thing in a used RV, your home away from home.

What Should I Look for in a Used RV?

Make sure you are happy with it.

Just like a used home, there will be a few things that you may decide to compromise on, or you could have changed after you buy it, like the color of the upholstery.

But make sure you have a list of your deal breakers.  These are the things you will not budge on, regardless of how good the salesman is.

Always do a thorough walk through to make sure the beds are big enough, the bathroom and showers are a size you are comfortable with.  Be sure there is enough storage space for everything you need.

You definitely don’t want to feel like a squished sardine in your new-to-you RV.

Ask a lot of questions. You’ll want to be sure you know as much as you can about the RV before you make that final decision.

Buy Your RV From the Right Dealer

There’s always the risk you will buy a money pit with any RV. At East Coast Campers and More, we put every RV, new or used, through a rigorous and thorough quality check before putting it up for sale.

When asking yourself “What should I look for in a used RV?” The first answer should be a great dealership that will guide you through the process!

No RV is put up for sale unless we consider it good enough that we would buy it ourselves and put our own family it in.

In some cases, we also offer extended warranties through CornerStone United to provide you with some peace of mind on your outdoor adventures.

We may be able to offer financing as well. Come in and ask us about it!

East Coast Campers and More is a family owned Delaware RV Dealer that specializes in RV parts, sales, and service to enhance your RV camping experience.

This post was written by Kristi Durham.