Door Options


The right door can transform your storage shed from a simple build into a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing structure. In addition to a spectrum of custom color options, you may also choose your preferred style and size of doors, creating a one-of-a-kind outdoor shed that reflects the unique beauty of your landscape. See our door options below to find the one that speaks to your personal sense of style, whether it’s a modern and functional fiberglass or a classically tasteful Victorian. For further personalization, you can even select from our window options!

When designing your storage shed with East Coast Campers, be sure to check out our complete line of outdoor structures and decorative accessories, such as latches and hinges, flower boxes, gazebos, weathervanes, and so much more!

Fiberglass Doors

Robust, Functional, and Scratch-Proof

3' Door with Round Glass

5' Door

6' Door

Insulated Doors

Energy-efficient, Modern, and Secure

3' Door

6' Door with Round Glass

Victorian Doors

Timeless, Spacious, and Elegant

4' or 5' Door

6' Door

5' Transom

6' Transom Arch

6' Sash Window

Wooden Doors

Classic, Natural, and Decay-Resistant

3' Door

4' or 5' Door

6' Door

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