Looking for a more permanent seasonal living space that your family can enjoy and feel just as comfortable as they do at home?

Do you want to enjoy the great outdoors, but want features and amenities that are similar to your home?

The Canterbury Parkvue Model RV are the perfect solution.

These versions of tiny houses come with all kinds of features that will make you feel like you are in a little version of your own home.

What Makes the Canterbury Parkvue Model So Comfortable?

If you are doing seasonal camping, then you certainly expect to spend tons of time in your RV, whether it’s sleeping, cooking, or just waiting out a rainy day.

The Canterbury Parkvue Model offer so many comforts that make this tiny home away from home one of a kind.

Some of these comforts will make your trailer feel like home, such as:

  • Recliner with customizable upholstery
  • Optional fireplace
  • Residential sized stainless steel sinks
  • Porcelain bathroom sink and stool
  • Dinette set with four chairs or stools
  • Comfortflex life bed with storage, deluxe
    headboard, and nightstands
  • Mirrored wardrobe doors in the bedroom
  • Customizable items like upholstery on the
    chairs, sofa, accent pillows, counter top, headboard, wall board, accent walls,
    and siding
  • 30” residential gas range with clock timer
  • Over the range space saver microwave
  • 17.5 cu. Ft. frost free refrigerator

Canterbury has spent a lot of time working on the little details to make these RVs comfortable for long term living.

Do You Need Lots of Space?

The Canterbury Parkvue Model comes 12 feet wide, and from 35 feet to 37 feet long with optional loft space.

Two floor plan design options come with loft space, and thirteen come with triple loft space.  Check out the brochure to see all the available floor plans. Your tiny home just got a little bigger!

Parkvue Model RV’s Are Constructed To Last and Protect


Not only is the floorplan for these trailers constructed to maximize space, but the entire trailer is built to last and protect you and your family from the elements.

From top to bottom, these RVs are built like a residential home.  They have 25-year asphalt shingles with shingle underlayment laid on OSB roof decking, and 30lb certified roof trusses 16 “ on center.  Under that, we have Seaspray Gypsum ceiling with a vapor barrier, with standard overhang all around.

As we continue through the Parkvue model, we have Dutchlap vinyl siding over OSB sheathing, R-13 sidewall insulation and house wrap on the exterior walls.  The windows
are single hung vinyl thermopane with low E glass framed with vinyl shutters and
the patio door is sliding thermopane glass.

Follow me all the way down to the floor where you have R-19 floor insulation, tongue & groove plywood floor decking, and aluminum one piece main heat duct.

This gorgeous and durable RV has underbelly protection and sits on an 8-foot steel I-beam chassis and has a detachable hitch for when you’re ready to settle it in its permanent home.

Find What You’re Looking  For in the
Canterbury Parkvue Model Home Away From Home

These trailers make every family member happy.  The decorator of the family will love the
customizable finishes, the homebody will love the comfortable furniture and living spaces, the cook will adore the size and convenience of the kitchen, and the handy man or woman of the family will love the durable construction. Check out some of the Canterbury park models virtual tours here https://canterburyrv.com/videos/

Call East Coast Campers and More, your Delaware RV Dealer, to find out how you can get your family into this not so tiny version of your own comfortable home today!

This article was written by Kristi Durham