So, you’ve decided to buy a trailer, but you aren’t sure which is right for you, the Canterbury Park Model or the Forest River Destination trailer.

Have no fear, here at East Coast Campers and More, we are experts on the topic. 

We can guide you through the purchase and help you decide which is best for you and your family.

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Which is Best for Travelling? The Park Model or Destination Trailer

The Destination trailer is the best choice in terms of mobility. 

Although this trailer is not meant for regular travel, it can be moved much more easily than the Canterbury Park model. 

The Park model is similar to a tiny home.  It’s meant to be a long term home away from home in one location and is not built for a lot of travel.

The Park model is constructed just like a house.  See the brochure and check out all specs on this incredible design.

The Destination trailer is made to find a destination and stick around for a while, not for traveling often.

The Park model is meant to be parked. The Destination trailer is meant to find your destination and stay put for a while but can be moved when needed.

Differences in the Available Features of Park Model and the Destination Trailer

The Park model offers more customization options in terms of decor, such as upholstery, just like you would have for a residential home.    

The Destination trailer has the choice of two neutral interior colors and does not offer the same in terms of customization as the Park model. 

The Park model is built like a little house with the exterior options (see the brochure for specifications here) being similar to a home.  

The Destination Trailer can endure travel when it is being moved.  The interior is designed to be comfortable with residential-sized features, and it is constructed with travel in mind.

What Features do the Park Model and the Destination Trailer Have in Common?

These two models are quite different, but they do offer some similarities.

In fact, both trailers provide residential-sized fridges, stoves, sinks, and high-rise faucets.

They both also have residential-sized showers and stainless-steel appliances.

Each comes with high-quality mattresses, side tables, and headboards.

In addition, they both have the option of a fireplace.

Most models of both the Park model and the Destination trailer have optional loft space, which gives you a bit of extra room.

Take a peek at the brochures to find out what other features they have in common.

Which One is Right for Me?

Deciding on which one is right for you is a very personal decision.  Give some thought to how you would like to travel. 

Do you want a durable trailer that is intended to find a permanent location, like your tiny home away from home? 

Or do you want an RV you can haul with a one-ton truck and stay for a while, but still want the option of moving locations when you need or want to? 

Come into East Coast Campers and More and talk to our knowledgeable staff to help you with making your decision. 

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Author: Kristi Durham.