Our client commitment is what makes our customer service team better, and a big part of what sets us apart from other RV dealerships in the region. Here at East Coast Campers & More, our experienced team of Mobile RV Medics provides the highest quality of services and repairs that can be found anywhere along the eastern shorelines of Maryland, Delaware, and the surrounding areas.

Our Goal

Our customer support team’s number-one goal is to provide the most comprehensive selection of expertly executed services and to demonstrate consistent professional ability in the accommodation of virtually any RV model. Whether your adventurous ride of choice is a camper, a travel trailer, or a park model, we have the tact, the tools, and the certified technicians to take care of your RV service needs.

Our Mobile RV Medics can service your camper seven days a week, right where it’s parked, at any campsite or location within a 50-mile radius of our dealership in Frankford, Delaware.

RV Services

When you purchase an RV from East Coast Campers & More, we value and prioritize your service requests! We don’t just want to sell you a camper. We want to sell you an all-in-one solution that includes a camper as well as a reliable, supportive service team. Our main mission is to provide you with RV service before, during, and long after any sale.

At our Frankford dealership, we take the time to welcome every buyer, whether it’s your first time doing business with us or your fifth. No matter what sort of RV you seek assistance in finding, nor how complicated you think your requests may be, you can always have the assurance that when you choose our RV dealership, our friendly team will always take the time to understand you and properly address all of your questions, concerns, and related needs.

East Coast Campers & More is committed to you and your right to a superior customer service experience.

We pledge always to do the following when you choose our RV dealership for any purchase:

We help you select the perfect camper for your needs and personal budget.

We ensure your camper is in perfect working order after it is delivered to our dealership, as well as before confirming your sale.

After you purchase your RV, we spend one to two hours with you going over every detail of your new camper, taking as much time as you feel is necessary to familiarize you with all of the features and components.

Our professional RV service technicians can set, level, and tie your camper at no additional cost.

If you have any problems at any point with your purchase, one of our three Mobile RV Medics can come to your location seven days a week (within 50 miles of business site). You can also make an appointment at our dealership’s service center, if you prefer.



We are committed to serving our customers!



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