Traveling is a passion for many people, and whether it’s a weekend getaway to the mountains or a month-long backpacking trip through a foreign country, an RV may be the perfect means of transportation for creating the adventure of a lifetime! In this article from East Coast Campers & More, we’ll review the top five reasons we believe — and our clients agree — that RV vacations are simply more fun than their traditional transportation counterparts.

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Save More To Spend On Activities

According to recent reports from the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, vacations carried out with an RV tend to be about one-quarter to one-half less in overall cost compared to other forms of transportation. These savings mean that you can spend 25-50% of travel expenses on other, more meaningful aspects of your adventure, whether it’s a stint at a luxury campsite, a rafting excursion, or a ziplining tour.

Bring The Whole Family

Family vacations are a mainstay for many households in America, but costs of individual plane fare and train tickets can make them financially infeasible. With an RV as your vacationing vessel of choice, you won’t have to worry about admissions queues or checking in at a certain time. Make your own reservations, design your own itinerary, and bring the whole family — including pets! — together on your RV vacation. All without ever even thinking about the headache of ticket prices or the stress of boarding times.

Feel Right At Home, Away From Home

When you travel in an RV, you’ll enjoy a space that can be designed to be entirely your own. Your home away from home. Whether you customize your room in flannel or silk you’ll enjoy the familiar safety and comfort of your own bed and bath! Travel to new places, and enjoy the comforts of home. Don’t feel like searching for a good place to eat?  You’ve got a romantic dinner for two and a bottle of wine in the fridge. Your favorite music, or a good movie is just a touch away.

Grow Closer In Your Connection With Nature 

Whether you’re stationed at the same campsite for the entire duration of your trip or you spend most of your vacation time meandering through forests and national parks, RV travel is one of the most powerful ways to reconnect with nature. Many avid RVers are also fans of fishing, hunting, and hiking. Consider these outdoor pastimes for yourself. Whatever floats your boat, you’ll undoubtedly feel closer to the source of all that sustains us when you’re exploring nature.

Meet New Friends 

RV vacations are a bit different from, say, staying at a hotel or resort, where each room typically stays separate from the others and most guests are inclined to keep to themselves. By contrast, at a campsite or other popular RV destination, you’ll find like-minded groups of people who are just as eager to hear about your travels as you may want to learn about theirs. From bonding over campfire s’mores to swapping insight on RV storage hacks, an RV vacation can help you make lots more friends.