To Everything, There is a Season…

When is the best time to purchase a camper or RV? “In certain industries, the prices for products always drop at certain times of the year” says Dave Pogue, founder of, and New York Times best selling author, in his book “Pogue’s Basics: Money: Essential Tips and Shortcuts (That No One Bothers to Tell You) About Beating the System.” In his book he offers lots of tips on how to save and make money. He says there are specific times of the year to find the best deals on everything.

For example, January is a great time to purchase fitness equipment. This is because after the indulgences of the holiday’s everyone is thinking about getting into shape for the new year. And what a better time to offer sales on fitness equipment! It turns out June is the best time to buy a gym membership. In June the demand is low because people are more interested in spending time outdoors rather than in a gym. The best time to buy swimwear is in August. And there are great buys on camping gear in August too because the summer is over and the demand is low.

Best Time to Buy an RV

The winter months are considered the “off” season because well, the demand for campers and RV’s is not as great. Also when the next year’s models start hitting the sales lot, many dealerships are very interested in selling last year’s models to make room for the newer ones.

According to an article on “…camper and RV dealers operate on monthly and yearly schedules, just like auto dealers. This means if they have not met their sales quotas by month or year’s end, they will be eager to move some RVs. You may also find sweet spots during the middle of fall when the RV season is coming to an end in most of the US. Dealers will be eager to sell before the chilly weather settles in. This may be the perfect time to negotiate a deal out of the dealer or target a salesperson who may not be having the best month selling.”

Other Things to Consider

Another indicator of a good time to buy is fuel prices. At they state that “When fuel prices are high, the demand for RVs decreases. The supply of recreational vehicles therefore increases. This can mean that dealers find themselves with more RVs than they want. They’ll often go to great lengths to sell them, offering wonderful bargains in order to generate sales.”

Know your dealer. Be sure you are working with a dealership that has your best interests in mind. Don’t allow someone to sell you something that doesn’t really fit your needs. Make sure they understand what you are looking for and why. Let them help you find the best camper or RV that fits your needs and your budget. Then you can negotiate for the best possible price.

Now is the Best Time to Buy an RV

Factors to take into consideration are the time of the year, the economic situation, and fuel prices. However, you can always negotiate to get the best price. Do your research before you start shopping. Educate yourself and be prepared when you walk into the dealership. As an educated consumer, working with the right dealership, you have every advantage on your side. At East Coast Campers and More we strive to make sure our customers are getting what they want at the best possible price every day of the year!