As the weeks pass and the duration of the coronavirus pandemic continues, people are finding increasingly innovative ways to assist and support medical workers on the front line of the crisis. Both charitable and creative, owners of recreational vehicles are lending or donating their campers, trailers, and more to healthcare facilities so they can be repurposed as mobile treatment and quarantine centers for those fighting COVID-19.  In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the numerous ways that your RV can be used to protect medical workers and healthcare professionals. East Coast Campers is committed to flattening the curve and keeping everyone safe, so we hope you draw some inspiration and useful information from reading!

Donate an RV to the Docs

If you own a recreational vehicle, it’s likely sitting in the driveway or somewhere in storage at the moment, either because it’s not yet prime traveling season or because you’re engaging in social distancing. In either case, there’s no reason it should go unused, especially when resources and work spaces are so strained amongst medical workers on the front line of the coronavirus. If you have an RV, consider lending or donating it to a healthcare facility in need of quarantine spaces. This has already been accomplished in places like California, where a Bay Area doctor established a Facebook group that connects frontline medical workers with empty RVs.  Many medical professionals are experiencing concerns and stresses over their daily exposure to the coronavirus disease, and they want to do what they can to keep themselves and their family members healthy. Giving an RV to medical workers on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic can provide a safe space to practice self-isolation and avoid interaction with loved ones during the contagion period. This virus won’t last forever, but in the meantime, every little bit of charity helps immensely to the medical and healthcare professionals risking their lives to preserve ours. 

Using an RV to Stay Healthy

RVs can be used not only to protect healthcare workers, but also to keep you and your family safe. If you have high-risk individuals in your family, such as grandparents or relatives with autoimmune conditions, a camper or a trailer could be the perfect place for them to practice social distancing and maintain their health. Likewise, if you live in a hot zone of coronavirus cases and are hoping to create some mileage between yourself and the outbreak, why not use your RV to take a trip to a less populated area?  If you do decide to use your RV for either of the aforementioned purposes, be sure to thoroughly clean and disinfect your vehicle prior to any donations or travel excursions. Viruses like COVID-19 can live on surfaces for anywhere from several hours to a few days, so in close quarters like those of a recreational vehicle, it is imperative to disinfect on a daily basis. This includes everything from countertops to doorknobs, bathroom fixtures, kitchen appliances, and tiles.  Carpets and porous surfaces like furniture and rugs should be vacuumed regularly, or at least every other day. If you can launder your upholstery, take care to do that as soon as possible.  Lastly, if your RV is equipped with an in-unit washer and dryer, there are a few things to consider. When handling dirty laundry, do not shake the fabrics, as doing so could facilitate the spread of the airborne virus. Also, you’ll want to wash all clothes and linens with the warmest possible water temperature. Use bleach if the fabric allows.

healthcare-workers-bSlow the Spread

Medical workers on the front line need your help in flattening the curve and preventing further spread of COVID-19. You can quell the number of coronavirus cases by either lending your clean and empty RV to a healthcare facility or by taking proactive measures like quarantining yourself, family members, and at-risk loved ones in a sanitized vehicle. For more information on how your RV can be repurposed for virus-preventing applications, please contact us at East Coast Campers today or visit our Facebook page. We hope you stay happy and healthy so that when all of this is over, you’ll be ready to experience your next adventure!  If you are interested in learning more about how RVs can be used to protect medical workers and healthcare professionals on the front line against the coronavirus disease, please reach out to “RVs 4 MDs” on Facebook.