What to Look For in an RV Club Membership

You’ve decided you want to join an RV club because you love RVing so much and you want to be able to share your passion with other, like-minded travelers.

A great RV club can make your travels easier, safer, and offer some lifelong friendships that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Imagine being out in your RV traveling, or even stopped for some time at an RV park or a campground, and running into other members of your RV club. It’s an instant ice breaker.

Or perhaps you are out driving and you run out of gas or encounter a mechanical issue.  Now, what do you do?  If you have a good RV club, you may have roadside assistance to come rescue you.

Here are some things to look for in a good RV club.

What Sort of Perks do you Get With Your RV Club Membership?

All clubs offer perks of some kind. Take a browse through each membership site or information package and make sure you get as much bang for your buck as you can.

Ask around RV forums, at RV retail locations like East Coast Campers and More, and your fellow RV enthusiasts to find out which clubs they prefer and why.

RV Park and Campground Discounts

Most RV clubs offer some type of discounts or preferred rates on campgrounds and RV parks.  For Instance, Recreation USA offers camping as low as $10 per day and The Happy Camper Club offers 50% off RV park and campground stays.

These discounts add up over time and can offer significant savings in the long run.  That money is better spent on adventures with the family or more supplies for s’mores.

Insurance Discounts

RV clubs, like RV Explorer often have discounts on auto, home, travel, and RV insurance.  You may even get a steeper discount for bundling.

Roadside Assistance and Tire Programs

There are a few clubs like the Family Motorcoach Association that offer benefits like roadside assistance and tire programs to their members.

If you don’t already have roadside assistance coverage, this is a great perk to have with your RV club membership.

Subgroups For All Sorts of Hobbies

RV clubs sometimes offer a list of subgroups you can join.  These subgroups already share your love of the RV lifestyle, and you can find others who have fun hobbies like Geocaching.  There are all kinds of groups from animal lovers to Christian groups.

Escapees have a pretty extensive list of subgroups you can join.

Other Perks

There are all sorts of advantages to joining an RV club that you wouldn’t expect.

Escapees have a program called C.A.R.E. that helps members with assisting their spouses after an injury or illness, or when they can’t care for themselves.

Escapees also have a job exchange program between members.  If you are looking for work or looking to hire, you can find opportunities that fit your needs on their site.

Chose the Right RV Club for You

There are all sorts of different RV clubs.  Take your time and chose the one that best suits your needs.  To help you out, here is a list of RV club websites to get you started on your search.

List of RV Clubs






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This post was written by Kristi Durham