It’s officially November, and the frosty chill of winter is in the air!

For many of us who own an RV, a camper, or a travel trailer, it’s probably quite easy to understand why this period of seasonal transition is such a popular time of year. 

In many states around the U.S., November is a prime time to witness virtually countless sights of beauty — so many, in fact, it seems that there’s never enough time to enjoy all the memorable views, delightful scents, and late-autumn experiences of the month before the last leaf has fallen. As an added bonus, when you have a recreational vehicle in tow, it makes pretty much every element of a sweater-weather excursion feel a great deal more comfy-cozy. 

Estes Park & Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado 

As you consider where to go on your RV camping trip, what better place to get your fill of the final signs of fall than by adventuring in a state named in honor of its colorful landscape and natural features? Pack up, load up, and haul your camper to Colorado! More specifically, you’ll want to head towards those tall hills to the west, where you’ll find Rocky Mountain National Park. 

If you’re from out of town or visiting Rocky Mountain National Park for the first time, in addition to the park itself, you should also check out one of Colorado’s most famous areas: Estes Park! In this once-upon-a-time mountain town — now a small city, at the very least — you’ll find plenty of hiking, ice fishing, skiing, and other outdoor activities that both you and your RV are probably already more than equipped to handle. Now, on to the next destination!

Acadia National Park, Maine

Whether you make the trek to your campsite in a Crossroads RV Zinger, a Gulf Stream travel trailer, or an oh-so-retro vintage camper, there’s no doubt that you’ll want to get out and stretch your legs a bit when you arrive at your next stop — especially if that stop happens to be in Acadia National Park. Located right next to Maine’s coastline with the Atlantic, there are few better places to spend part of November than on the East Coast — and as you might expect, our RV dealership in Frankford agrees wholeheartedly with that sentiment!

At Acadia National Park, there are more than a few highlights to enjoy, even well after Daylight Savings goes into effect. Bundle up in your waterproof parka for an invigorating kayaking trip in Bar Harbor, or pile on the lycra layers and go biking through the lush coastal and evergreen forests. You’re going to be hungry in any case, so why not end the perfect day with a delectable dinner of freshly caught seafood? 

Willamette Valley, Oregon

For a remarkable range of winter-friendly activities and outdoor festivities that allow you to enjoy nearly every aspect of the snowy season, set your RV camper’s navigation system towards the Willamette Valley in Oregon. This fall-friendly area of Oregon is known for hosting a number of traditional and seasonal festivals all winter long. 

In addition to season-specific events, the Willamette Valley has other offerings in November to suit a spectrum of interests and tastes. If you weren’t satisfied with last month’s German steins of beer at Oktoberfest, then perhaps you’ll have better luck with a Turkey Day wine tasting at the Carlton Winemakers Studio. Known for experimental varietals of grapes and truly one-of-a-kind wines, the lingering signs of the bygone autumn offer an additional aesthetic appeal. No matter what time of year it is, vineyards are lovely to look at year-round, whether they’re surrounded by warm autumnal earth tones or cool, crisp infusions of invigorating winter.

Found A November RV Destination? Great! But Is Your RV Ready For Winter?

You may already be on some sort of November voyage, sipping extra-spicy chai in your RV camper as you read this blog. On the other hand, you may simply be planning ahead for a Thanksgiving trip that’s just around the corner. Either way, there’s a lot to enjoy about this month, whether you consider it to be part of autumn or the definitive start of winter. In any case, the last thing any RV owner, driver, or passenger wants to encounter en route is a mechanical issue or a breakdown, so before you hit the road, be sure to have your travel-designated vehicle checked to ensure that it’s safe for the demands of a seasonal excursion. 

If your recreational vehicle needs a tune-up, general maintenance, or any other winterization service for its parts, be sure to stop by our RV camper dealership in Frankford. East Coast Campers and More has one of the top-rated service teams in all of Delaware, and with the better part of the fall already behind us and the inevitable cold of winter frost soon to follow, we hope you’ll trust our experienced team with all of your RV winterization needs. Contact us today to learn more, and we hope you enjoyed this RV camping guide!