Summer is the perfect time of year to get the family together and pile up the RV for an adventurous road trip. If your travel trailer wasn’t sufficiently de-winterized in the spring, however, it may not be as ready to hit the road as you are. This can lead to unwanted mechanical issues and insulation problems — which you definitely don’t want in the middle of a heat wave! 

Fortunately, you can prepare your RV for any vacation, long or short, by following the preparation guidelines in this article. For more information on seasonal RV maintenance, repairs, and parts, please visit East Coast Campers online and schedule an appointment today!


Complete Summer Prep Checklist For Your Travel Trailer or RV

  1. RV Batteries
  2. Water Tanks & Plumbing Fixtures
  3. RV Appliances
  4. Tire Pressure
  5. Engine and Fluid Levels
  6. Insulation
  7. Safety Measures

RV Batteries: Check and Charge

If you don’t know much about the maintenance services that go into your travel trailer’s upkeep, RV battery inspection is an essential but relatively easy place to begin if you have the right equipment. Even if you didn’t use your travel trailer much during the previous year, you’ll need to get this task done, as RV battery energy dwindles at a rate of 10% when not in use. 

To check your battery capacity, you’ll need to be familiar with the kind of battery your travel trailer has. For instance, your model may have two 12-volt batteries or a series of 6-volt batteries arranged in parallel rows. You’ll also need to have a multimeter on hand. This device measures voltages in both AC and DC, and although some more advanced designs can give you additional features, you’ll be perfectly equipped to check battery capacity with a unit in the $20-30 range. Follow manufacturer guidelines for operation and reference your RV owner’s handbook for details on how to interpret the multimeter results. 

If you don’t have a multimeter on hand and don’t want to go through the hassle of ordering or purchasing one, let the pros at East Coast Campers do it for you. Our Service & Parts specialists can even come to your Delaware campsite if you encounter problems on your next summer road trip!

Water Tanks & Plumbing Fixtures: Look For Leaks

Prior to the start of last spring, you likely dewinterized your RV or travel trailer. But if you forgot to do this or think your pipes could benefit from some additional TLC, it’s never a bad idea to perform an assessment of your plumbing fixtures. This process can be time-consuming and technical for the average owner, but it’s a fantastic investment that will save you dividends on repairs and parts in the future. 

The best place to start is with your water tank. If you used antifreeze last spring or winter, flush the unit with purified or potable water. Drain and repeat the process until water runs clear. After this, check for leaks. Look around all water-carrying appliances and fixtures, like the kitchen sink, shower, and toilet. If you notice the slightest dribble or drop, you’ll want to get that fixed right away. As for the other plumbing fixtures in your travel trailer, these will vary from model to model and any glaring leaks or structural issues will likely require a parts replacement. 

Whether it’s a water tank repair or a plumbing replacement, you have the best likelihood of eliminating the issue when you get the job done by a professional mechanic. You can find affordable and convenient services this summer from our team in Frankford!

RV Appliances: Propane & Electric Evaluation

Nearly all travel trailer models use some form of propane or electrical system to provide energy to their appliances. From the stovetop to the lamp in your bunkhouse bedroom, maintaining the proper flow of energy to RV appliances is critical. The procedures that go into an RV appliance assessment include tests for leaks, gas pressure readouts, and comparisons of your trailer’s performance with manufacturer and industry standards. 

Your summer maintenance checks will be different depending on the kind of travel trailer you have, how long you’ve had it, and the listed expiration dates on your propane tanks. To take care of all these tasks, it’s best to do so in a spacious area like a campground or RV park. If you have any issues with your appliances, be sure to contact East Coast Campers for professional advice and local service solutions. 

RV Tires: Air Pressure & Alignment

The variety of tire manufacturers is vast and variable, especially those that are produced for large RVs, campers, and travel trailers! Warranty guarantees are subject to range from 5 to 10 years, but regardless of what your tire company claims, annual maintenance (at the very least) is a must-have for your RV’s wellbeing. 

You’ll check your RV tire quality with an air pressure reading, since vehicles in storage lose pressure when not in operation. Your owner’s manual should instruct you on the proper PSI. Once this is done, give your tires a thorough look-over for wear and tear, cracks, and signs of damage. Proper tire maintenance can prevent your RV from experiencing an unwanted and inconvenient blow out, so make sure these checks are taken care of before you leave for your summer vacation.

Engine and Fluid Levels: Restock and Restore

The engine in your travel trailer — or any vehicle, for that matter — can only function at its best when all associated fluids are stocked in the right amounts and with the right products. The fluids you’ll likely need to check, replenish, and/or replace include engine coolant, oil, windshield washer, brake fluid, and several others. The amounts of restocking you need to do will be indicated by the gauges in your travel trailer. Unless you understand the functions and intricacies of these engine fluids, you’ll save the most time and money by having an RV repair expert perform a quick diagnostic.


Even if you think your travel trailer’s HVAC system is performing the way it should, that doesn’t necessarily mean your RV was manufactured with energy-efficiency and optimal insulation in mind. When you’re getting ready to hit the road, whether it’s for a cross-country adventure or a camping getaway in a neighboring state, the last thing you want to deal with is an RV interior that’s too hot. Not only is a hot interior space uncomfortable, but it can lead to more serious issues like overheated parts — and overheating of your travel trailer’s occupants!

You can assess the quality of your RV insulation by taking a look at its seams and seals. Any cracks, gaps, or peeling parts are a strong sign that you’re losing cool air and energy efficiency, which will cost you money and physical comfort year-round. To find out which RV sealant is right for thermal control of your travel trailer, consult a parts and service representative at our Delaware repair center. 

Safety Measures: Be Prepared For All Situations

The remainder of your summer preparation for your travel trailer will involve assessing any safety devices or precautionary measures in your vehicle. Just like any home, your RV needs to have a smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, fire extinguisher, and propane leak detectors. If you’re missing one or more of these, or if one is out of battery, it’s the perfect time to schedule a maintenance session with one of our seasoned professionals at East Coast Campers & More. 

Is Your Travel Trailer Ready For Summer?

If you’ve completed all 7 items on this summer prep checklist, then your travel trailer may be ready to go for your next adventure! But skipping just one or two of these essential maintenance processes is a risky decision that almost always leads to transportation issues and avoidable repairs or parts replacements. Regular servicing of your travel trailer (or any RV you own) is the best way to ensure you keep your ride in good condition and prevent hassle that could easily have been avoided. 

To make sure your summer vacation goes off without a hitch, get in touch with East Coast Campers & More in Frankford. Whether it’s a simple tire pressure adjustment or a full-scale insulation replacement, we have the skill and industry expertise to get the job done better than any other RV company in Delaware. Have a safe and memorable summer by taking advantage of our travel trailer services today!