5 Benefits of Buying From a Family-Owned Business

When shopping for anything big or small, you have the choice to buy from a huge corporation or to buy from a local, family-owned business.

Buying from a family-owned business has so many advantages, but above all, is the personalized service you will get each time you walk through the doors.

A family who lives and works in your community knows your struggles, likely knows your family, and spends more time helping you because they know how important it is to keep as much of your hard-earned money in your pocket as possible.

Here are 5 reasons to shop with a family-owned RV business like East Coast Campers and More.

We Pick the Best Inventory Based on What We Would Buy for Our Own Family

The owner of East Coast Campers and more, Michael Moutzalias, had former careers in real estate sales and car sales, so he has a unique understanding of what customers need in a home and in an automobile.

Each product is hand-picked based on factors such as comfort, quality, affordability, and whether or not he would put his own family in that particular RV.

If it doesn’t pass the family test, he will not partner with that company.

We Understand You Are a Person and Not Just a Sale

Each customer has a story, a family, goals, and a dream for their life.  When dealing with a family-owned RV dealer, you are treated like a person and not just a number on a page at the end of the day.

At a family-owned RV dealer like East Coast Campers and More, we get to know you before we recommend a solution so we can be sure you will be happy with it in the long term.

It’s not just about making a sale and sending you on your way.

It’s about making sure you are in the exact right RV, or getting the exact right product or service for your needs and being confident that you will trust and rely on us in the future.

We partner with you to make sure you get what you and your family needs.

We Believe in our Staff and Feel Like They Are Family

As a family-owned business, we had the luxury of handpicking our service technicians.

They are some of the best in the business!

They understand that each customer is unique and important, so they take care of you like they would their own families.

You Are Dealing With Someone Who Has Been Where You Are

Michael spent many years camping and understands the significance of the memories that are being made on each trip.

Since he grew up in Delaware, he knows the climate well and what sort of equipment is needed to handle local camping, but since he’s traveled, he knows what to expect in other climates as well.

When You Support Family-Owned Businesses, They Will Support You

When you shop with a family run business, you are getting compassion, caring, and the ability to put themselves in your shoes.  They have no quotas to meet and no board of directors making impersonal decisions about sales.

All they have is their family and your family!  And their mission is to help both become a thriving happy family.

East Coast Campers and More is a family-owned Delaware RV Dealer that specializes in RV parts, sales, and service to enhance your RV camping experience.

Call us today to see how our family can help your family.

Author: Kristi Durham.