4 RV Add-Ons So You Get More Out of Your RV!

An RV Awning, patio room, or screen room is a great way to customize your RV and get more use out of it.

Once you get into the RV lifestyle, it quickly becomes just that…

…a lifestyle.

Enjoying the outdoors with your RV as much as possible is why we all sign up in the first place, Isn’t it?

If we could, most of us would spend every waking minute outdoors, but that’s not always possible.

The days can get really hot and sunny…

…the seasons change and…

…th weather can get cold and windy or rainy and dreary.

So why not turn your RV into a place you can enjoy during most weather conditions.

Imagine enjoying the outdoors on a stormy day, or feeling like you are outside on a really hot summer day minus the sunburn.

East Coast Campers and More installs RV awnings, patio room, and screen rooms manufactured by Silver-top in the Delaware and Ocean City Maryland areas.

Silver-top is known for making your life easier and your RV more fun. Silver-Top is one of the leading producers of aluminum awnings, patio rooms, and slide-out covers for RVs.

Silver-top manufactures easy to install and durable, high-quality products in various types so you can customize how you live.

Enjoy the Benefits of RV Awnings

We’ve got something for every taste and style with function in mind.

1.    RV Two Way Awnings

Made for fifth-wheel, park and travel trailers, these awnings are designed to replace roll-up fabric awnings.

With construction (and fabric) that is easy to install and tear down, the two-way awnings will stand up to the strongest storms….

…. without rotting or ripping away.

This two-way awning system requires no tools (unless you want to anchor it to a deck or concrete), no caulking or screws and slides easily into a standard awning rail.

And bonus!

You have the option of enclosing it at any time by combining it with the Chesapeake screen room to make a relaxing outdoor room!

See more on our product page here. 

2.    Snap Lock RV Awnings

If you’re looking for a protected, insulated, and relaxing outdoor living space, the snap-lock awning is right for you!

It comes standard with vinyl gutter and downspouts with optional heavy extruded aluminum gutter with house-type downspouts and color inserts, fan beams, and decorative grill columns.

For versatility, you always have the option of turning it into a three season room by enclosing the Snap-Lock awning.

Find out more here.

Enjoy the Benefits of Patio and Screen Rooms

1.    Patio Rooms

The Cameo room is Silver-tops most popular Patio room because it makes your life safer, simpler, and less messy because of its sensible design, efficient waterproofing, and security features.

With a high-quality exterior, maintenance-free aluminum, and thoughtfully manufactured window design, the Cameo room has set Silver-top apart for over 50 years.

This design has interior walls that are covered in optional metal or standard scratch and dent-proof solid color fiberglass which stays warm to the touch without the condensation.

The Cameo room is virtually maintenance-free, three season living and designed for temperature zones.

Read more here.

2.    RV Awning Screen Rooms

Choose from two attractive and convenient designs.

Chesapeake Screen Room

Take your RV Two Way Awning (mentioned above) and turn it into a comfortable out-door room with easy installation using the existing channels.

Horizon Screen Room

This screen room comes in large, one-piece modular sections that allow for maximum ventilation.

With a scratch-proof, fiberglass interior that will last for many years to come, adjustable height and optional acrylic storm panels, the Horizon screen room is a quality option.

RV awning slide out covers are also available.   Find out more on our product page here.

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This article was written by Kristi Durham.