Camping with an RV is one of the best parts of the summer — or any season, weather permitting! However, there are also a lot of hiccups and issues you can run into throughout the RV camping process, whether it’s a lack of storage while you’re packing up the RV or an inadequate quantity of firewood once on the campsite. When camping with an RV, there are certain preparations you can make to ensure that both minor and major inconveniences are a thing of the past. 

Below are our top RV camping hacks to make your next trip easier than ever. For more information on how to optimize your camper, travel trailer, or park model for the variety of adventure you seek, please contact East Coast Campers & More. Visit us online or call our Frankford RV dealership today! 

RV Prep Before You Leave

Prior to hitting the road and embarking on your camping trip, it’s necessary first to have all of your belongings packed and stored properly in your RV. When you try to execute this process without a specific plan in mind, however, you might run out of room before all the luggage, food, and equipment have made their way to the right spots. 

As you begin packing your RV camper for your outdoor excursion, you can save space and maximize your storage in a couple easy ways:

  • Install suspension rods in your closets to hold clothes on hangers, or add a piece of wood to create a shelf! (If you run out of space, you can put one in the shower too!)
  • Use bungee cords to secure storage bins or large, loose items 
  • Store items under the bed, if possible, in a low-rise storage drawer unit
  • Pack no more dishware or cooking utensils than you know you will need — a cast iron skillet is a must!
  • Prep meals in advance so that you won’t need to wash as many dishes

RV Hacks For The Campsite

Now, here’s where the fun starts! Once you’re on the campsite or at your desired destination, there are a few ways to easily make your RV vacation experience less effortful and more enjoyable. 

Mosquitoes are one of the biggest pests of the outdoors, especially in the summertime, but you can keep them away with bug sprays, as well as citronella candles. If you happen to run out of the latter, you can always make your own with a simple combination of lemon and cloves! 

When the time comes to get dinner ready, consider the following camping hacks for cooking:

  • Fill an empty egg carton with a dozen pieces of coal, and use as a “starter log” for your fire
  • Prevent food from sticking: simply rub one half of a sliced onion on the grill!
  • Keep a belt and metal hooks in your RV; find a tree on the campsite, and use these tools to make a holder for pots and pans
  • Saran wrap and aluminum foil are your new best friends! Ditto for your trusty cast iron skillet
  • Save water and wash fewer dishes at your campfire barbeque by putting condiments and toppings in a muffin tin

RV Hacks On The Way Home

When you’ve finished up with your RV camping trip and are heading home, there’s not much left to do besides unpacking. However, there’s always the off chance that something could go wrong with your RV, whether it’s a faulty part or an unexpected flat tire. 

When you need assistance with your rig, be sure to call a team of trusted mechanics like ours at East Coast Campers & More. Our parts and service department is located in Frankford but also serves a 50-mile radius in the greater Delaware area. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get your RV in tip-top shape for many trips to come!