This is the season! Right now we are looking at some severe weather from Hurricane Florence that could impact our camping friends on the East Coast in the next couple of days. We thought this might be a good time to review some tips to help you protect your RV during a hurricane.

Your RV is a great get-away vehicle when evacuation is necessary. When faced with a possible hurricane, your recreational vehicle can help transport you and your loved ones to a safer place. Take all necessary safety precautions. However, if you get caught in a storm don’t even consider riding it out in an RV.

If you are on the road driving, head to the nearest exit and find a large sturdy building to shelter in. Avoid driving through water! It may stall your engine and cause irreparable engine damage. Moving water can sweep away your vehicle, and roads covered by standing water are prone to collapse.


  1. Make sure your RV is not parked in swampy or sandy areas, as the heavy rainfall might cause the tires to get stuck in the mud.
  2. Remove any nearby tree branches or other items that may become airborne.
  3. Empty your motorhome’s holding tanks, turn off propane cylinders and cover the regulator and air conditioner unit, along with any vents to prevent leaks.
  4.  Ensure that all important documents such as insurance and vehicle registration papers are sealed in waterproof bags.
  5. Keep your mattress as waterproof as possible by covering it with a tarp or waterproof cover in case of leaks.
  6. Secure all items located outside your RV, including lawn chairs, tables, grills, etc. Even a dustpan can be a lethal weapon in 100-mile-an hour winds.
  7. If possible, position your RV so the rear of the vehicle will take the brunt of the wind reducing surface area and protecting your front windshield.
  8. Zip tie your awning to its mounting brackets with half a dozen zip ties.

After the storm has passed be sure to inspect your RV for any damage or water leaks. If you do incur any damage to your RV during the hurricane contact East Coast Campers service department immediately before any further damage is done. Make sure your RV is up to date on maintenance to protect your investment.