During these dog days of summer, keeping those pesky mosquitoes and flies at bay can be a challenge. Bug-free camping could mean the difference between enjoying your time outdoors, or hiding inside the camper all evening! I personally don’t like using chemicals. Just take a look at these EPA guidelines for using insect repellant safely! But let’s face it sometimes DEET is a necessary traveling companion. The bugs have been really bad this year, and I refuse to let them interfere with my love of the outdoors. I did some research on natural pest control and found this great video by Creativity RV I thought you might find useful.

Robin has some great tips that really do work. Some of her recommendations include obvious advice like wearing long sleeves and long pants. But she has a few more suggestions that I had never heard of before, like keeping the temperature inside your camper below 60 degrees at night. Evidently, bugs don’t like to chill.

In her video blog, Robin also recommends making your own bug spray using essential oils like sage, lemon balm, lavender, tea tree oil,  and citronella. These scents naturally repel mosquitoes. You can grow some of these herbs very easily in your garden, or purchase them at most grocery stores. Just throw a few sprigs in the campfire when the bugs are biting! Another strategy she recommends that will make you less appetizing to your prey… take garlic supplements and B vitamins 30 days prior to your camping trip. Who knew?

Want to create some ambiance around the campsite at night that also helps keep it bug-free? There are some great ideas on Pinterest! I love the bug repellent mason jar luminaries that require only lemons, limes, fresh rosemary, some essential oils, and a small tea candle. I also purchased a couple of scented Mosquito plants at the garden store that are citronella scented geraniums. Candles, potted plants…. looks lovely, and it works too!

Don’t let those pesky bugs make you miserable while you are enjoying the great outdoors. Try a couple of these bug-free camping ideas and see how they work for you. Or better yet, try them all. Here’s a link to Robin’s Creativity RV video “Make Your Campsite a Bug-Free Zone.” Do you have some effective ways you deal with bugs at your campsite? We would love to hear about them. Happy camping!