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Custom Park Models

A Park Model RV is a unique towable RV designed to provide temporary living quarters for recreational, seasonal, or camping use. Perfect for weekend camping getaways, summers on the water or at the beach, and more! 

This Canterbury Parkvue model 38CKL NOW available to tour!

Looking for a seasonal vacation home? Check out the Canterbury Park Models at East Coast Campers and More. We sell, move, and set up the customized park model of your choosing. Based out of Delaware and serving the east coast region, we sell and service these top-of-the-line Canterbury Park Models. All customized with options and design assets to suit your unique needs and vision.

At East Coast Campers and More, our primary objective is to help each and every customer create the vacation home of their dreams. Learn more about our Canterbury park models or simply  explore the many floor plans available!


About Canterbury Park Models

What is a park model good for? How do you know if it’s the right fit for you versus, say, a destination trailer? We’ve got you covered with this essential information.

A park model is ideal for almost any type of adventure, whether it’s a weekend recreational endeavor, a multi-week camping trip, or a full season spent in a warmer climate. Whether you’re an outdoorsy kind of camper or an interior-lover with a penchant for “snowbirding”, you’ll be more than prepared and totally comfortable, stocked with everything you could need to enjoy your visit to the campsite, the countryside, or your winter home-away-from-home.

Park models are an excellent option for people who intend to travel and stay somewhere for a while, but they’re also well equipped for spontaneous weekend trips. Park models aren’t the best choice for extremely long distances, as their mini-house structure takes up a bit of room and wears on the gears after a while. Since they don’t have the more aerodynamic features of, say, a travel trailer, they’re best for RV enthusiasts who intend to settle in for a season — with good reason!

Canterbury Park Models come equipped with a wide range of customizable design options and features, which is why we’re always happy and eager to show them to our wonderful customers. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the features of our favorite manufacturer series!

Note: Different models of Canterbury Park Models may include all of these features while others may be more limited in terms of options. Please look at individual products for more information on design and amenities!


Customize your vacation home with the selections of your choice! Choose from two series with a variety of floor plans. For more information about designing your Canterbury Park Model see our blog section.


The Bayview series offers three floor plans available without lofts, and three floor plans are available with lofts. Standard width is 12′ wide and lengths range from 35 ft. long up to 36 ft. 9 inches long. Custom features and options are available.



Canterbury Bayview Park Model Selections

This large and spacious park model comes in six different floor plans sure to suit any style. Three models feature a loft, while the other three are loft-free. The standard length of all models is 12 feet wide and lengths range from 35 ft. to just shy of 37 ft.

Interior decor options include:

  • Wide selection of colors, carpeting, and fabrics
  • Bedroom fabrics, grommet drapes, bedding, and headboards
  • Customizable counter tops, backsplash, wallboards, upholstery, and more!
  • Color palette availability in Espresso, Onyx, Oyster, and Sapphire
  • Cabinets and trims in Chestnut Maple or Symphony Cherry

Exterior design options include:

  • Louvered shutters in 7 colors: Wine, Green, Blue, Tan, Brown, White, and Black
  • Shingles in 5 different hues: Green, Blue, White, Driftwood, and Black


The Parkvue series offers four floor plans without lofts, 13 floor plans with lofts, and two floor plans with triple lofts. Many features and custom options available. Standard width is 12 ft. wide and lengths range from 30 ft. long up to 37 ft. long.



Canterbury Parkvue Park Model Selections

The Parkvue Park Model from Canterbury is one of the most diverse in terms of selection and design. With 13 lofted floor plans, four floor plans without lofts, and two floor plans featuring triple lofts, there is something for everyone and every budget in this extensive park model collection.

Interior options and features include:

  • Mirrored wardrobe doors, deluxe headboard, and nightstands in bedroom
  • Living room with ceiling fan, light, and entertainment center with built-in subwoofer
  • Living area fabrics and materials in 5 decor collections: Pewter, Mystic Blue, Graphite, Bay Oyster, and Camel
  • 2” wood (faux) blinds and wide, bright windows
  • Cabinets and trims in Cloud White, Knotty Pine, Chestnut Maple, or Symphony Cherry

Exterior Options include:

  • Louvered shutters in 7 colors: Wine, Green, Blue, Tan, Brown, White, and Black
  • Shingles in 5 different hues: Green, Blue, White, Driftwood, and Black
  • Flashing on windows and doors
  • Detachable hitch
  • Aluminum one-piece main heat duct
  • 25-year guarantee asphalt shingles

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