7 RV Hacks That Make Camping More Fun

Having some really great RV hacks in your back pocket will help deal with some of the inconvienences of not being in your home while camping.

There are no questions that we all love camping and RVing, but there are times when it can get frustrating due to those minor inconvienences (unless, of course, you have a Destination Trailer or a Canterbury Parkvue Model Trailer, which have too many convenient features to count).

In an attempt to make your camping life a little less frustrating and a lot more fun, here are 7 camping tips and tricks you should try today!

1.    Add hooks to your RV

Drilling hooks all over your RV will make it easier to find things like towels, jackets, hats, purses, and anything that can be hung up. Be careful not to drill into anything important.

2.    Command Hooks or Command Strips

If you are hanging something that is pretty light, you can use command hooks instead of drilling into the wall.  Make sure to clean the surfaces with soap or alcohol first to make sure there are no oils that will prevent the sticky part from adhering securely to the wall.

Command hooks can also be used for the sides of garbage cans to keep the bag in place.

Command strips can be used for hanging art or frames.  They can hold quite a bit of weight, but since you are traveling and your frames and pictures will be subject to vibration, I would recommend being conservative with what you hang.

3.    Use shower caddies for kids activities

Shower caddies are available at almost any dollar store.  Look for the ones that have suction cups on the back and stick them to your windows.  This keeps the kids activities organized and out of the way when not in use, but easily accessible when needed.

4.    Anti-slip drawer liners

Cut these anti-slip sheets into small pieces and use them between dishes, cups, and anything that will be noisy or get knocked around.  This hack will keep your dishes from breaking and keep you from going crazy from the sound of rattling dishes.

5.    Hang soap near your water spigot

Put a bar of soap in an old pair of pantyhose and hang it from your water spigot.  You can easily keep your hands and face clean while going about your business.

6.    Collapsible hamper for garbage and other uses

Get a cheap collapsible hamper and use it as a portable garbage can.  Simply put a garbage bag in while camping, then take the bag out and fold it up when you’re done.

This can also be used for beach outings to put dirty towels in, or throw a bag in it and put all your dirty plastic camping dishes in as you tidy so you can wash them when you get back to the campsite.

7.    LED tap lights

Use LED tap lights for anywhere you may need extra light.  Use them under cabinets, inside cabinets, in closets, or in the bathroom if there is no light.  They are relatively inexpensive and can sometimes be found in dollar stores.

Do You Have Any Hacks You Use Regularly?

Try out some of these hacks and let us know how you like them.

Do you have a hack of your own?

Leave a comment below and let us know what you are using to make your life more convenient while RVing.

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This post was written by Kristi Durham.



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